Spring 2018 Water Main Flush Day

Complete – The Biannual Water Main flush day in Forest Park will be Tuesday MAY 22nd between 9am and 2pm. We strongly recommend closing your homes main valve for the duration of that time. This will prevent any draw back from your house as well as keep turbid flush water out. Please feel free to call the office with any questions.

Water main break on Overlook Dr. in Hurley

*UPDATE* The leak has been fixed as of 12pm Friday. ***

As of 9am (Friday 1/5/18) there is an active leak on Overlook Dr. in Hurley, NY. Personnel are en route to make repairs. We will have to shut down a portion of Overlook Dr. to make the repair. Customers in the area of Russell Rd, Circle Dr. and Adams Ct. may experience low water pressure/turbid water till the repairs are completed. Thank you for your understanding.

Water main break in Hillside Acres

*UPDATE* The leak has been fixed as of 10:30am Thursday. ***

As of 5pm (Wednesday January 3rd) there is an active water main break on Arnold Dr. near Lynette Blvd. We are lining up personnel now to be on site first thing Thursday morning to make repairs. Houses in the area may be experiencing low pressure and/or turbid water this Wednesday night. We will have to shut down some streets on Thursday morning to make the repair. Hopefully service will be restored by mid-afternoon. Thank you for your understanding.

A cold weather reminder

A friendly reminder that in times of extreme cold weather, just a small draft can cause pipes to freeze. Make sure basement windows are all properly shut and water meters located in garages, that are not heated, are well insulated. If your water service has froze in times of cold weather in the past, Its a good idea to leave a small amount of water running in a sink overnight. Especially if you plan to leave your house for a few days. Water continually running thru a buried water service will not freeze. Feel free to call our office with questions and concerns.